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Pakistan's love for "Qaleen" rugs / carpets

🌟Did you know why Pakistani Qaleen/Rugs/Carpets Are So Renowned ? 🌟

Pakistani carpets are renowned worldwide for their exquisite craftsmanship and rich cultural heritage.

Let's explore the reasons behind their enduring popularity.

The Historical Roots 📜

Century Event
11th Introduction of carpet weaving in the South Asian Subcontinent by Afghan Ghaznavids and Ghauris.
Modern Day Continuation of the tradition in cities like Lahore, Karachi, and Faisalabad.

1. 100% Hand-Knotted / Handmade ✋

Aspect Description
Crafting Time 6 to 24 months depending on size and technique.
Identification Natural fringes and slight asymmetries unique to handmade rugs.

2. High Knot Density 🧶

Comparison Outcome
Higher than other countries Enhanced durability and aesthetic appeal.

3. Use of Ancient Knotting Techniques 🌀

Techniques Origin
Persian knots, Ghordies, Senna Ancient methods passed down through generations.

4. Premium Quality and Natural Materials 🌿

Materials Features
Wool, Cotton, Silk Locally sourced, environmentally friendly, luxurious feel.

5. Wide Array of Designs and Styles 🎨

Style Description
Pak Persian, Bokhara, Baluchi, etc. Unique designs, perfect for various interior styles.

Cities and Their Signature Styles 🏙️

  • Lahore: Intricate Pak Persian and Bokhara rugs.
  • Karachi: Vibrant Chobi Ziegler and Beljik rugs.
  • Faisalabad: Traditional Baluchi and Heriz carpets.
  • Peshawar: Blend of modern and traditional in Peshawar and Kazak rugs.

Caring for Your Pakistani Carpet 🧽

  • Regular Cleaning: Vacuum 2-3 times per week.
  • Sunlight Protection: Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Professional Cleaning: Once a year.

Conclusion 🌟

Pakistani carpets are not just floor coverings; they are a piece of history and art. Their quality, design, and cultural significance make them a must-have in homes around the world.

Pakistan's love for rugs


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